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Hydraulic Cutter

The hydraulic cutter A is professional rescue equipment, specially designed for cutting round bar and steel plate. It's mainly used to destroy and dismantle the metal or nonmetal construction such as vehicle parts, pipeline, deformed steel bar and plate to achieve rescue for traffic and railway accident, earthquake, building collapse, air crash and shipwreck.

Working with the power packs, the hydraulic cutter of our company features light weight but strong cutting power and short time consumption for shears opening and closing, which expedites the rescue process efficiently.

Structure of the Hydraulic Cutter

1.Hydraulic Cylinder Cover
2.Hydraulic Cylinder
3.Pivot bolt with self-locking nut
4.Blade Arm
5.Quick Connector with Female Thread and Dust Protection Cap
6.High Pressure Hose
7.Quick Connector with Male Thread and Dust Protection Cap
8.Manual Reversing Valve


1. The material of shearing blade is high-quality heat-treated tool steel. With the surface anodized, the shears have a long life span. The protective cover is provided for the movable part.
2. The security of the operator is assured by the protection against the splash during shearing and the appliance of automatic reset manual reversing valve.
3. The shear is designed according to the ergonomics, so the cutting material can be pushed easily to the blade center with the biggest cutting power.
Main Technical Parameters of the Hydraulic Cutter
GYJQ-63-28/220-A Hydraulic Cutter
Brand Certificate CE/ISO9001-2008
Description 1. Material: The shear blades of the hydraulic cutter A is made from high quality heat-treated tool steel. Its anodized surface has great performance in wearing resistance.
2. Function: It could easily and quickly cut off vehicle parts, metal structure, heterogenic steel pipe, steel plate and so on.
3. Application: It is very suitable for the rescue work for the highway or railway traffic accidents, the earthquake disaster, shipwreck and building collapse.
Features 1. The safety of the user is guaranteed by the automatic reset manual valve and the protection cover for preventing the splash during shearing.
2. Once the blade is placed in a fixed position, it will keep stable for safe operation.
3. This shear can be used by both left-handed and right-handed people.
4. The hydraulic cutter A is ergonomically designed and can automatically push the material to the center of blades with the biggest shearing strength.
Technical Specification Model GYJQ-63-28/220-A
Max. Opening Distance of Blades ≥220mm
Rated Working Pressure 63MPa(630bar)
Max. Cutting Capacity(Q235steel) 15mm(steel plate);Φ28mm(circle steel)
Cutting Force 390KN(39T)
Opening Time without Load(Powered by motor pump) ≤25s
Closing Time without Load(Powered by motor pump) ≤30s
Weight(working condition) ≤13kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 700*210*165mm
Application Case in Traffic Rescue

As a specialized hydraulic cutter manufacturer in China, we at Rescue Group also provide hydraulic ram, manual impactor, hydraulic spreader, concrete heavy rescue equipment, and much more.

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