Portable Door Breaking Kit

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Portable Door Breaking Kit
Brand Certificate ISO 9001-2008
Description This WXPC-4A portable door breaking kit is mainly used for the forcible entry of rolling door, security door etc. The whole set of breaking kit includes hydraulic hand pump, door opener, spreader, crowbar and pipeline.

This tool is suitable for the rescue work in the highway and railway accident, air crash, building collapse and disaster.
Feature Light weight, high efficiency, single-hand operation mode and portability
Technical Specification Hydraulic Hand Pump
Model BS63/0.8-B
Rated Output Pressure(High Pressure) 63Mpa(9135PSI)
Pressure of Low-pressure Output 5-10Mpa(725-1450PSI)
Low Pressure Flow ≥7.5ml / times
High Pressure Flow ≥0.83ml / times
Tank Volume of Hydraulic Oil ≥0.7L
Max. Force of Hand Bar ≤260N(58.44Pounds)
Weight ≤3.2kg
Dimensions (L*W*H) 400*120*160 mm
Hydraulic Door Opener
Model GYKM-63-60/100-W
Rated Working Pressure 63Mpa(9135PSI)
Closed Length ≤210mm
Opening Distance of Blades 120 mm
Separation Distance 230mm
Lifting Distance 300mm
Separation Force 50KN(11238.5Pounds)
Lifting Force 60KN(13486.2Pounds)
Weight ≤3.9kg
Dimensions (L*W*H) 210*135*75mm
Hydraulic Spreader
Model GYKZ-42/150-W
Rated Working Pressure 63Mpa(9135PSI)
Opening Distance ≥152mm
Spreading Force 42KN(9440.34Pounds)
Weight ≤3.3kg
Dimensions (L*W*H) 345*160*75mm
Length/Weight 457mm/ 1.8kg
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