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Hydraulic Universal Pliers

The hydraulic universal pliers are the rescue equipment specializing in shearing sheet material to dismantle the metal construction in small spaces to save the sufferers from dangerous environment. It's often used for the rescue service for accident, earthquake and other unexpected disaster. The equipment must be connected to the hand pump A.

Main Technical Parameters of the Hydraulic Universal Plier
GYWX-6/60-A Hydraulic Universal Plier
Brand Certificate ISO9001-2008
Description 1. Function: The hydraulic universal plier A is a special rescue tool for shearing plate materials such as steel plate and cutting metal constructions in a small and confined space to rescue the victims in dangerous situation sooner.
2. Application: It is a useful tool for rescuing lives in traffic accident, earthquake and other disasters.
Features The blade of hydraulic universal plier can vertically rotate 270 degrees, which facilitates rescue operations from any angle in confined space.
Technical Specification Model GYWX-6/60-A
Max. Opening Distance of Blades 60mm
Rated Working Pressure 63MPa (630.000bar)
Max. Cutting Capacity (Q235steel) 6mm (steel plate)
Weight (working condition) ≤6kg
Dimension (L*W*H) 360*225*72mm
Application Case of Shearing the Steel Plate

The power source for the hydraulic universal pliers are hand pump A, and the motor hydraulic pump is not allowed.

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