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  • Hydraulic Cutter AThe hydraulic cutter A is professional rescue equipment, specially designed for cutting round bar and steel plate. It's mainly used to destroy and dismantle the metal or nonmetal construction such as vehicle parts, pipeline, deformed steel bar and plate to achieve rescue for traffic and railway accident, earthquake, building collapse, air crash and shipwreck...
  • Hydraulic Cutter BMade of high strength light alloy for aerospace, the hydraulic cutter B is especially designed to dismantle the metal construction with round bar, section bar, cable, pipeline and deformed steel bar and plate to make the sufferers saved. With the advantages of light weight, strong cutting power and short time consumption of shears opening and closing, the equipment performs perfectly in accelerating the...
  • Hydraulic Cutter Q Application: This hydraulic cutter Q is an essential tool for rescuing lives in various accidents or disasters, like traffic accident, earthquake, buildings collapse, fire disaster and shipwreck.
    Function: This tool can shear car body, metal structure pipes, profile steel and steel plate.
    Small size, light weight, long-term durability and easy to carry.
  • Hydraulic Combination AThe hydraulic combination A is the special emergency rescue equipment with the main functions of spreading, shearing, pulling and holding, which is the combination of a hydraulic cutter and a hydraulic spreader. It is generally used to open the door, dismantle the metal or nonmetal construction such as steel plate, round bar, vehicle parts and pipeline...
  • Hydraulic Combination Q The micro hydraulic combination Q is used for rescuing lives in various accidents like traffic accident, earthquake, buildings collapse, fire disaster and shipwreck.
    It could be used to move and lift obstacles, pry the gap and expand the channel.
    It could cut off the metal structure, vehicle parts, pipes and sheet metal.
  • Hydraulic Spreader AIt's often applied for the emergency rescue for firefighting, earthquake, traffic accident and other paroxysmal disaster. The hydraulic spreader A is driven by the power packs.
    With the high-strength light alloy, the hydraulic spreader has a light weight but great spreading force. It can work with high load and has been powerfully built with the functions of spreading...
  • Hydraulic Spreader Q The hydraulic spreader Q is used to do rescuing work in various accidents like traffic accident, buildings collapse, fire disaster and shipwreck.
    This tool can move and lift obstacles, pry the gap and expand channels.
    It can be used to expand or clamp the metal structure and deform or tear the bodywork.
  • Hand Operated Combi-ToolWith the combination of hydraulic pump, hydraulic fluid tank and cutting and spreading blades and the weight of only 10.5 Kg, the hand operated combi-tool has the main functions of shearing, spreading, peeling and holding. It takes usage of German sealing components and aviation hydraulic fluid, and the main parts such as the hydraulic cylinder body are made of the material...
  • Hydraulic Universal PliersThe hydraulic universal pliers are the rescue equipment specializing in shearing sheet material to dismantle the metal construction in small spaces to save the sufferers from dangerous environment. It's often used for the rescue service for accident, earthquake and other unexpected disaster. The equipment must be connected to the hand pump A....
  • Hydraulic Wedge JackThe hydraulic wedge jack is the special rescue equipment for lifting the loads and enlarging the narrow seam. It must be connected to the power packs to implement the rescue operation. The tool is often used in the rescue for collapsed building and firefighting. When releasing the people or objects trapped in the collapsed building, the rescuer can create a large seam...
  • Portable Door Breaking KitThis WXPC-4A portable door breaking kit is mainly used for the forcible entry of rolling door, security door etc. The whole set of breaking kit includes hydraulic hand pump, door opener, spreader, crowbar and pipeline.
    This tool is suitable for the rescue work in the highway and railway accident, air crash ...

As a professional rescue equipment manufacturer founded in 2008, our company already has the capability to export our rescue equipment abroad independently through only four years' development. By analyzing the same kind high level product in the world and our own research and development, the new generation hydraulic rescue tools of our company have come out, which mainly include hydraulic cutter A, hydraulic cutter B, hydraulic combination A, hydraulic spreader, hydraulic universal pliers, hand operated combi-tool, hydraulic wedge jack and hydraulic door opener.

With many years' experience in designing and manufacturing, the hydraulic system of our company's hydraulic rescue equipment all uses the famous brand products, and the components are manufactured precisely with the German professional CNC equipment. Compared with other products in the industry, the hydraulic rescue tool of our company features reasonable structure, easy to operate and strong hydraulic drive force. These hydraulic rescue tools have been widely applied for fire rescue and road accident rescue.

Via the Yushu earthquake rescue in China, we deeply realize that the fire rescue tools are so important in saving people's lives and property. The quality of the rescue tools is the key factor of influencing the rescue process. So we put the emphasis not only on designing, but also the quality of our product. The raw material is inspected strictly to assure the physicochemical indexes meeting the production requirements. Then the following molding process can be carried out. The stress member of the shears has been processed through the mature technology. So the blade of the shears wouldn't crack when operating with hard object. We have established the long term cooperative relations with many clients in China. The rescue equipment of our company has enjoyed good reputation for its excellent quality and convenient after-sales service.

1.The hydraulic rescue tools of our company are designed for cutting Q235 steel or the material with HRC£20, or the shears would be damaged and people involved would be hurt by the falling parts. If you are not clear about the material, please try to cut only 1-2 mm first and examine the shears and cutting effect. If you find the material is hardened steel, please change other suitable tools.
2. If the vertical distance between the two ends of shear blades is larger than 3 mm when you are operating, you should retreat the cutter immediately and adjust the cutting angle, or the shears would be damaged.
3. Please make the surface of the shears perpendicular to the work piece as much as possible to avoid lateral bending and damage happening to the shears caused by side force.
4. The condition that the two ends of the work piece are both free is not allowed.
5. The tightening torque of pivot bolt with self-locking nut should be controlled between 150 Nm to 180 Nm.
6.The maintenance and adjustment for the hydraulic part of the hydraulic rescue tool should be carried out in appointed maintenance department by professional maintenance staff.
7. The operator should inspect the hydraulic rescue tool often to check the parts against loosening and damage. The hydraulic rescue tool can work only with all parts operating normally.

We are a China-based hydraulic rescue tools manufacturer and supplier. We also offer power packs, manual rescue tools, battery combination, lifting air cushion, and more.

  • Telescopic Ram Compared with the hydraulic spreader, the telescopic ram has greater lifting force and the extended length is much longer. For the distance between the work pieces should be larger than the closing length of the equipment itself, the cooperation of the two tools would get much greater lifting force and make the rescue process more quickly and easily...
  • Hydraulic Ram AThe hydraulic ram A is designed exclusively for the rescue service. It can lift the metal and nonmetal construction to release the sufferers from dangerous environment. The equipment has a light weight but great lifting force up to 110KN. It can be well applied for the vehicle rescue and ordinary rescue.
    The hydraulic ram can realize much longer extension distance and greater lifting force than hydraulic ...