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  • Telescopic Ram Compared with the hydraulic spreader, the telescopic ram has greater lifting force and the extended length is much longer. For the distance between the work pieces should be larger than the closing length of the equipment itself, the cooperation of the two tools would get much greater lifting force and make the rescue process more quickly and easily...
  • Hydraulic Ram AThe hydraulic ram A is designed exclusively for the rescue service. It can lift the metal and nonmetal construction to release the sufferers from dangerous environment. The equipment has a light weight but great lifting force up to 110KN. It can be well applied for the vehicle rescue and ordinary rescue.
    The hydraulic ram can realize much longer extension distance and greater lifting force than hydraulic ...
  • Hydraulic Ram BThe hydraulic ram of our company has three dismountable extension bars. The operator can assemble one or two or three of them to the equipment according to the rescue needs. Compared with the hydraulic spreader, the equipment though has a light weight but can realize much longer extension distance and greater lifting force up to 110KN.
  • Hydraulic Ram Q The micro hydraulic ram is a useful tool for the rescuing work in various accidents or disasters including traffic accident, earthquake, building collapse, fire disaster and shipwreck.
    This tool is specially designed for rescue operations when the rescue vehicles could not went to the mountain or narrow area.
  • Hydraulic Jack Sets 10The hydraulic jack sets has four types of A, B, C and D. It's the special rescue device which is used to lift the heavy objects in accident. The tools are driven by hand pump A. The piston rod extends out via the action of the hydraulic pressure. Then the heavy object is lifted to a height with the space is enlarged to save the sufferers.
  • Hydraulic Jack Sets 5/10/20The hydraulic jack sets 5/10/20 is the special rescue equipment with three types of A, B and C. The power source for the equipment is hand pump A. With the action of hydraulic pressure, the piston rod extends out to lift the loads and enlarge the working space to save the victims conveniently.
    Rated Operating Pressure:63MPa...

The hydraulic lifting equipment of our company is mainly includes hydraulic ram and hydraulic jack. All the hydraulic lifting equipment can be divided into two kinds according to the hydraulic pump they connect to. According to the function, the hydraulic ram has a series of A, B and C and the types of the hydraulic jack are including QJ-10 and QJ-5/10/20.

Application Range
The hydraulic ram is designed exclusively for moving the obstructions, lifting the loads, creating rescue channel and keeping the work piece stable. So it can meet the needs in vehicle rescue and ordinary rescue perfectly and has been widely used in rescue for traffic and railway accident, air crash, shipwreck, building collapse and other unexpected disaster. The hydraulic jack is optional for different occasions and it can be carried conveniently for its light weight.

Features of Hydraulic Ram
1. The hydraulic cylinder is made of the material of high-strength light alloy for aerospace.
2. The design for anti-slipping on the top of piston rod and in the base of hydraulic cylinder assures good hold on work piece surface.
3. The combination of two-way hydraulic lock and automatic reset control valve guarantees the security of operator even if there are accidental conditions.

1. The safety valve on the hydraulic lock is the guarantee for the hydraulic ram working normally. The operators are not allowed to adjust the safety valve arbitrarily, or the equipment would be damaged and the people involved may be injured.
2. The maintenance and adjustment for the hydraulic part of the equipment should be conducted in appointed maintenance department by well-trained staff.
3. The operator should check the defects of loosened and damaged parts regularly. Make sure all parts are at the normal state before operating the tool.
4. There are anti-slip claws at the top of piston rod and in the base of hydraulic cylinder. You should make the anti-slip claws contact with the work piece tightly to avoid slippage and tool damage.
5. Because the length of the piston stroke and the outside part of the piston rod is relatively long, so you should prevent the piston rod from hurting by hard material causing tool damage.
6. When the hydraulic ram is working with load, you should avoid side force and impact acting on the piston rod to keep piston stable and the piston rod from slippage.

Our company is a specialized hydraulic ram, hydraulic jacks manufacturer in China. Besides hydraulic door opener, double phases motor pump, we also provide battery combination, rescue equipment accessories, among others.

  • Double Phases Motor PumpThe double phases motor pump of our company has two independent sets of pump plungers and control systems, which can power two rescue tools at the same time or one rescue tool independently. By using the aviation hydraulic fluid, it can work reliably with the temperature of -30℃ to 55℃. With the advantage of working continuously for long time without preparation time, it can also be moved with the connected ...
  • Hand Pump AAs the portable ultra-pressure hydraulic power source, the hand pump A of our company can connect with not only the rescue equipment but also many other tools or test devices. It can achieve automatic pressure conversion through the automatic low and high pressure switch valve according to the changes of external loads. The low output pressure is 5 to 10MPa and the high output pressure ...