Three Phases Motor Pump

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Three Phases Motor Pump

Brief Introduction
The hydraulic motor pump BJQ-3-63/0.6 has three-stage outputs with the radial piston pumps. It has three independent sets of pump cores and control systems, which can drive three rescue tools at the same time or one independent tool. Meanwhile, we adopt American Kohler gasoline engine as its power source.

The BJQ-3-63/0.6 motor pump has two levels of output and could automatically alternate between the high voltage and the low voltage output pressure according to the changes of external load. When the pump works with low pressure, its output flow is large so that the supporting tools move rapidly without load to save rescue time. When the supporting tools work with load, the pump will automatically work under the high voltage output pressure. Therefore, it is a kind of ideal power supply for rescue tools for its working reliability, easy operation and high efficiency.

Main Structure:

Main Structure of BJQ-3-63/0.6
1. Lube Oil Filler Cap/Dipstick
2. Air Cleaner
3. Starter Grip
4. Fuel Valve Lever
5. Throttle Lever
6. Bracket Cart
7. Hydraulic Oil Tank
8. Pressure Valve Switch Handle
9. Hydraulic Oil Discharge Outlet
10. Engine Switch
11. Female Couplers & Dustproof Cover
12. Male Couplers & Dustproof Cover
13. Hydraulic Oil Filler Cap/Dipstick

Main Technical Parameters of the Three Phases Motor Pump
BJQ-3-63/0.6 Three Phases Motor Pump
Brand Certificate EN13204/CE/ISO9001-2008
Application 3 sets of hydraulic rescue tools can be driven by the hydraulic engine pump at the same time, which accelerates the rescue efficiency.
Features 1. The triple output motor pump can drive 3 hydraulic equipments at the same time.
2. This pump can supply big power with high efficiency.
3. Kohler engine ensures high performance operations.
Technical Specification Model BJQ-3-63/0.6
Item Technical Data
Power XT-6 Kohler Engine
Pump Type/Output Type Double Acting Piston/Triple Output
Rated Rotating Speed 3600±200rpm
Rated Working Pressure (High Pressure) 63MPa * 3
Rated Output Flow (High Pressure) ≥0.6L/min *3
Rated Output Flow (Low Pressure) ≥2.0L/min *3
Driving Power 2.6kw
Fuel Volume 1.1L
Hydraulic Oil Volume 9L
Applying Temperature -33℃~55℃
Weight ≤50kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 600*460*420mm
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