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Manual Impactor

The CJS6000-A manual impactor of our company has been matched with many kinds of working heads for drilling, cutting, smashing and prizing. It's the ideal manual rescue tool in earthquake rescue, which can be carried and operated by one person without being connected to any power source.

The working head is made of high-strength tool steel featuring high strength, good toughness and durability. With the matched working heads, the manual impactor is specially used in the initial rescue work for demolishing the building walls, floor, vehicle windows, locks and so on. It can save the trapped people quickly when the other rescue equipment can't be exerted.

Structure of the Manual Impactor

1. Hook of the Impactor Hammer
2. Locknut
3. Handle and Impact Rod
4. Body of the Manual Impactor

Working Heads
Main Technical Parameters of the Manual Impactor
Brand Certificate ISO9001-2008
Description 1. Function: The manual impactor is an ideal forcible entry tool set for rescuing and can be connected to various kinds of working heads for chiseling, cutting, smashing, prying and so on.
2. Application: It is specially used in the initial rescue work to rip the building walls, floor, vehicle windows, locks, etc. when other rescue equipment can not be used.
Features The manual impactor can be operated by one person without power supply. Its working head made of tool steel features high strength, excellent toughness and long-term durability.
Technical Specification Model CJS6000-A
Components Main Bar * 1pc Impact Hammer * 5pcs
Impact Distance 442mm
Weight of Impact Hammer ≤6.7kg
Total Weight ≤17.6kg
Dimension(L*W*H) 782*72*70mm
Application Cases

1. When the manual impactor works as the crowbar, the operator should insert the impact rod into the body of the tool completely and lock the locknut to avoid the impact rod sliding to cause injuries.
2. It's not suitable for the tool to prize up overweight object when used as a crowbar. Because it's not the monolithic crowbar, so overlarge force for prizing is not proper. Meanwhile, the operator should try to increase the force acting on the impactor gradually to the limits of the tool.
3. The condition that the tool is used as the crowbar with the impact rod out of the impact body entirely is allowed only with the locknut locked tightly and the proper force acting on the tool. Or the hand would be injured and the impactor would be damaged.
4. When all the operation has been done, the impact rod should be sent back to the impact body to facilitate next time usage and avoid the impact rod slipping out to cause injuries.

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