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Battery Cutter

1. Cutting blade is used for cutting, spreading and dragging object and even can clip the object into flat shape.
2. Pivot bolt with self-locking nut is used to connect the cylinder and blades and fix the blade arms.
3. Hydraulic cylinder is used to transfer the system pressure.
4. Strap is the auxiliary equipment for carrying.
5. Front handle is designed for carrying the equipment.
6. LED display panel shows the battery level.
7. Main switch is used to turn on and turn off the tool.
8. Conversion valve in star shape controls the strength of cutting, spreading and dragging within the controllable pressure range.
9. Rear handle is used for carrying the tool.
10. 24v battery supplies the power for the tool.
11. Nanometer luminous sticker is made of nanometer material and can help the operator identify the tool in the dark place.

Battery Cutter DJQ-63-28/185
Name Battery Cutter Brand
Model DJQ-63-28/185 Certificate ISO9001-2008
Description 1. The battery cutter is applied into the rescue work in traffic accident such as highway accident and railway accident.
2. In the building collapse and earthquake disaster, this tool can be used to cut the vehicle components, metal structure, pipe, steel rod and steel plate.
3. This tool could work independently without any external power supply.
4. It is easy to carry and operate.
5. This tool features light weight, low energy consumption, reliability and high efficiency.
Technical Specification Model DJQ-63-28/185
Rated Working Pressure 63MPa(630.000bar)
Max. Cutting Force ∮≧ 120mm
Cutting Force 32-38T
available machine time 1S
Max. Cutting Capacity ф30mm(circle steel)
Weight 18.8kg
Dimension 886×281×183
Feedback Form
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    This machine must be used on the condition of meeting the technical requirements and following ...
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