Hydraulic Power Station

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Hydraulic Power Station

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

The hydraulic power station is used to drive the combined hydraulic rescue tools in earthquake and firefighting rescue, such as hydraulic breaker, hydraulic disc cutting saw, hydraulic diamond chainsaw and hydraulic slurry pump.

With the steel frame and foldable handle, the hydraulic power station can be moved conveniently. It features small size, light weight, high mobility, simple structure and easy operation. The main engine of the machine takes usage of imported high-pressure gear pump, which can provide strong power and has stable performance and reliable quality. The external hydraulic filter allows more convenient maintenance and replacement for the machine.

Technical Parameters of the Hydraulic Power Station
Weight 60 kg
Physical Dimension 700x510x570 mm
Output Hydraulic Flow 30 lpm
Output Hydraulic Pressure 155 bar
Engine Honda 13 hp
Caster Wheel/ Handle Yes
Cooling Power 5 hp
Capacity of the Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir 12 L
Pollution Display Meter Yes

As a China hydraulic power station manufacturer and supplier, we also offer concrete heavy rescue equipment, hydraulic combination A, hydraulic spreader, manual rescue tools, and much more.

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