Hydraulic Diamond Chain Saw

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Hydraulic Diamond Chain Saw

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

With the number of the diamond welded on the chain doubled than the same tool abroad, the hydraulic diamond chain saw of our company has much faster cutting speed and longer lifetime. The key components of the tool are all imported from America such as the motor, diamond chain and guide bar. With the features of powerful function, light weight, high portability and mobility, the hydraulic diamond chain saw can achieve fast cutting off reinforced concrete and precast slab with the cutting depth up to 380mm. It has been widely used in the earthquake and firefighting rescue operation for cutting applications involving concrete, conduit, brick and other masonry. The tool can also open hole and window on the wall or collapsed precast slab to place the life detector and send living goods to the trapped people.

Technical Parameters of the Hydraulic Diamond Chain Saw
Weight 12.4kg
Size of the Guide Bar 380 mm
Cutting Depth 380 mm
Hydraulic Flow Range 26-34 lpm
Working Pressure 105-140bar
Length 585 mm
Width 240 mm
Height 265 mm

We are an experienced hydraulic diamond chain saw manufacturer in China. We offer a wide range of products, including hydraulic breaker, hydraulic combination A, hydraulic spreader, battery rescue equipment, and more.

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