Air Cushion Accessory

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Air Cushion Accessory

This product has been discontinued and removed from our shelves.

1. Control Valve(connect only one cushion and double type which can connect two cushions at the same time);
2. Inflation Bottle 6.8L;
3. Air Compressor(Electrical or Petrol)

  • Rescue TripodThis SJ 500/202-A rescue tripod is made of frame body, winch, pulley and ring protection chain and is mainly designed for the rescue work in high altitude, cliff and confined space such as underground pipe, shaft, cesspit, closed container etc. This tool has been widely used by the firefighting department, municipal administration and mining sector.
  • Hydraulic PipelineThe hydraulic pipeline of our company has two sets of hydraulic fluid pipe with each length of 5 meters and weight of 4.4 kg. The weight would increase 0.6 kg for each lengthened one-meter-long hydraulic fluid pipe. As the accessory of hydraulic rescue equipment, each set of the hydraulic pipeline has two hoses with different colors of red and blue. Both two ends of the hoses are with quick connector...