Inflatable Lightening Tower

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Inflatable Lightening Tower
Name Inflatable Lightening Tower Brand
Model / Certificate ISO9001-2008
Description Features:
1. Small, lightweight, foldable and portable.
2. The inflatable lightening tower could be inflated in 20 seconds and provides an impressive amount of ambient lighting in 2 minutes.
3. This equipment is safe and reliable and can be easily operated by one man.
4. Its full raised height could be up to 5m.
5. This equipment uses the 1,000W Philips metal halide lamp (brightness 90,000-130,000 Lm) which could illuminate an area of about 10,000 m2.
6. With a 2.0KVA generator, the fuel tank can work for 8 hours.
7. It is a standalone glare free illumination system, which can also work with the AC220 mains. Application: The inflatable lightening tower is ideal for meeting the illumination needs for the rescue operations in the earthquake and other accidents involving tunnel, railways, airports, highway and mining accident.
Technical Specification Mode BMD-DZY5011000
Diameter Φ400mm
Tower Height 5m
Closed Dimension 500×500×540(mm)
Total Weight 63KG
Engine 4 Stroke
Generator Model 2 KVA
Tank Capacity 8.0 Ltrs
Light Source 1000W Metal halide
Brightness 90000-130000 Lm
Lifting Time 20 seconds
Time for Tower Extension 2 Mins.
Dimension/Weight Tolerance ±5%

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