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Hydraulic Pipeline

The hydraulic pipeline of our company has two sets of hydraulic fluid pipe with each length of 5 meters and weight of 4.4 kg. The weight would increase 0.6 kg for each lengthened one-meter-long hydraulic fluid pipe. As the accessory of hydraulic rescue equipment, each set of the hydraulic pipeline has two hoses with different colors of red and blue. Both two ends of the hoses are with quick connector to connect the power packs and rescue equipment to carry out the rescue operation. The accessory has been widely used to achieve the rescue for highway and railway accident, air crash, shipwreck, collapsed building, earthquake and other unexpected accidents.

Brand Certificate ISO9001-2008
Hydraulic Pipeline Application: The hydraulic pipeline is used to connect rescue tools and power units.
Color: Red and blue
Couplings: The couplings are on both sides of the hydraulic pipeline for tool connection.
Length: 5m/8m/10m/15m/20m.

Rescue Group is a specialized hydraulic pipeline manufacturer in China. We provide a wide array of products, including haulage chain, hand operated combi-tool, hydraulic ram, power packs, among others.

  • Haulage ChainThe haulage chain of our company has two haulage chains. Both of them are 3 meters long with the maximum weight of 18.6 kg. On the basis of the maximum weight, the weight would increase 2.2 kg when the chain is lengthened with 1 meter. By working with the rescue equipment such as hydraulic spreader, hydraulic combination A, hand operated combi-tool and battery...
  • Hydraulic Ram BThe hydraulic ram of our company has three dismountable extension bars. The operator can assemble one or two or three of them to the equipment according to the rescue needs. Compared with the hydraulic spreader, the equipment though has a light weight but can realize much longer extension distance and greater lifting force up to 110KN.