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  • Double Phases Motor PumpThe double phases motor pump of our company has two-stage outputs with the radial piston pump and Japanese Honda gasoline engine as power source. It can achieve automatic transformation between high and low pressure according to the changes of external loads.
    The double phases motor pump of our company has two independent sets of pump plungers and control systems, which can power two rescue tools at the same time or one rescue tool independently. By using the aviation hydraulic fluid, it can work reliably with the temperature...
  • Battery CombinationCombined with the power pump, cutter and spreader, the battery combination of our company is the special rescue tool, which can achieve cutting, spreading and pulling. It has the power with itself and can be carried and operated easily. The tool is manufactured according to the scientific standard and recognized safety standard.
    Blade arm is used for cutting, spreading, pulling and squashing the object ...