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We provides free maintenance for the rescue tools only being operated according to the instruction within one year warranty dated from the ex-factory date. During the maintenance period, the company can repair or replace the trouble tools or accessories for free. The tools and accessories damaged by incorrect operation and altering the product structure without the permission of our company cannot enjoy the free maintenance service.

If you need any help, please contact the company directly or the local dealer.

As a specialized hydraulic rescue tool manufacturer and supplier in China, we provide a wide range of products that includes hydraulic combination A, hydraulic ram, battery combination, and lifting air cushion, among others.

  • Hydraulic Combination AThe hydraulic combination A is the special emergency rescue equipment with the main functions of spreading, shearing, pulling and holding, which is the combination of a hydraulic cutter and a hydraulic spreader. It is generally used to open the door, dismantle the metal or nonmetal construction such as steel plate, round bar, vehicle parts and pipeline.
  • Telescopic RamThe telescopic ram is the special rescue equipment, which is designed exclusively for lifting the metal and nonmetal construction to release the trapped people from dangerous environment. With the features of light weight and great lifting force of two stages, which are 20 tons and 10 tons, the equipment performs perfectly in vehicle rescue and ordinary rescue.
    Compared with the hydraulic spreader, the telescopic ram has greater lifting force and the extended ...