Allive-Rescue Group

We is a rescue equipment manufacturer located in China. Since our establishment in 2008, we have specialized in the development, design, and manufacture of rescue equipment, including our power packs, hydraulic rescue tool, assist rescue tool, manual rescue tool, battery-operated rescue equipment, hand operated rescue tool, and other life saving products. Our hydraulic rescue equipment includes our most popular products, such as our hydraulic cutter, hydraulic spreader, hydraulic ram, hydraulic jack sets, and hydraulic pump. life saving equipment is used in fire brigades and traffic rescue situations, as well as for highway rescue, public security, disasters, and mine rescues, to name a few.

  • Hydraulic Spreader
  • Hydraulic Spreader AThe hydraulic spreader A is designed especially for moving and lifting the obstructions, breaking open the crack to create rescue openings, deforming the metal construction, peeling the steel plate of the vehicle and removing the obstacles on road with the haulage chain. It's often applied for the emergency rescue for firefighting, earthquake, traffic accident and other paroxysmal disaster. The hydraulic spreader A is driven by the power packs.
    With the high-strength light alloy, the hydraulic spreader has a light...
  • Hydraulic Combination A
  • Hydraulic Combination A The hydraulic combination A is the special emergency rescue equipment with the main functions of spreading, shearing, pulling and holding, which is the combination of a hydraulic cutter and a hydraulic spreader. It is generally used to open the door, dismantle the metal or nonmetal construction such as steel plate, round bar, vehicle parts and pipeline.
    The hydraulic combination A must work with the power packs. It has been widely applied for the rescue for traffic accident, earthquake, unexpected emergency and other disasters.
  • Hydraulic Cutter B
  • Hydraulic Cutter B Made of high strength light alloy for aerospace, the hydraulic cutter B is especially designed to dismantle the metal construction with round bar, section bar, cable, pipeline and deformed steel bar and plate to make the sufferers saved. With the advantages of light weight, strong cutting power and short time consumption of shears opening and closing, the equipment performs perfectly in accelerating the rescue process.
  • Telescopic Ram
  • Telescopic RamThe telescopic ram is the special rescue equipment, which is designed exclusively for lifting the metal and nonmetal construction to release the trapped people from dangerous environment. With the features of light weight and great lifting force of two stages, which are 20 tons and 10 tons, the equipment performs perfectly in vehicle rescue and ordinary rescue.
    Compared with the hydraulic spreader, the telescopic ram has greater lifting force and the extended length is much longer. For the distance between the work...
  • Three Phases Motor Pump
  • Three Phases Motor PumpThe BJQ-3-63/0.6 motor pump has two levels of output and could automatically alternate between the high voltage and the low voltage output pressure according to the changes of external load. When the pump works with low pressure, its output flow is large so that the supporting tools move rapidly without load to save rescue time. When the supporting tools work with load, the pump will automatically work under the high voltage output pressure. Therefore, it is a kind of ideal power supply for rescue tools for its working reliability ...
  • Hand Pump B
  • Hand Pump B There is no sparks in the operation process, so the hydraulic hand pump can be used in the environment with inflammability.
    The automatic pressure conversion between high and low voltage grade output speeds up the rescue process.
    The hydraulic hand pump can work with any hydraulic tool.
    The seals for preventing the leakage are imported from Germany.
  • Battery Combination
  • Battery CombinationCombined with the power pump, cutter and spreader, the battery combination of our company is the special rescue tool, which can achieve cutting, spreading and pulling. It has the power with itself and can be carried and operated easily. The tool is manufactured according to the scientific standard and recognized safety standard.
    Blade arm is used for cutting, spreading, pulling and squashing the object.
    Pivot bolt with self-locking nut is used to connect the hydraulic cylinder and blade arms ...
  • Rescue Tripod
  • Rescue TripodThis SJ 500/202-A rescue tripod is made of frame body, winch, pulley and ring protection chain and is mainly designed for the rescue work in high altitude, cliff and confined space such as underground pipe, shaft, cesspit, closed container etc. This tool has been widely used by the firefighting department, municipal administration and mining sector.
    Due to the fact that this tool is made of special aluminum alloy, this tool has high strength and its factor strength is bigger than 10.

Since our establishment in 2008, has worked at creating our world brand hydraulic rescue equipment through independent research and development, and superior design and manufacturing. We strive to produce modern and advanced rescue equipment utilizing state-of-the-art hydraulic rescue technology, and we devote ourselves to producing top-quality hydraulic rescue tools for our clients both at home and abroad.

employs an unparalleled team with many high-level technical experts whose research and development have made our power packs, hydraulic rescue assist tool, and other rescue equipment the finest in the business. Through our own research and the analysis of other brands, we have worked diligently to improve our techniques during the manufacturing process so that we can provide our excellent quality hydraulic ram, battery rescue equipment, and all our fine rescue equipment to our valued customers. Also, to assure the accuracy and high quality of our products, purchased a professional CNC machine from Germany for use in the production of our rescue equipment. Meanwhile, in order to enhance the quality of our fine products, we have incorporated new standards that are 20% higher than the national and industrial standards. In addition, in 2010, passed the certification of National Fire Equipment Quality Supervision and Inspector Center. With all of these quality measures, our clients can feel secure in using our rescue equipment.

The meticulous efforts of all our employees are demonstrated through the commendation of our products from other manufacturers in our industry. We are continuously looking for ways to improve our products and to become a leader in our field. Our goals include creating production bases in other areas, launching an overseas business department, and establishing products as a world leader in the equipment industry.